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Application forms for Cyprus Assay Office Registries

For registration in Cyprus Assay Office Registries:

  • Manufacturer's Registry,
  • Jeweler's Registry, and
  • Buyers of Second-hand articles Registry,

the relative application form must be submitted along with necessary documents and the evaluation and inspection fees. The CAO will inspect the premises of the applicant to verify the implementation of Terms and Criteria of the Registries. CAO will then decide to approve or reject the application and the applicant will be relatively informed. CAO issues the Certificate after the payment of the registration fees.

The notification of the application approval or rejection must be made by CAO not later than three months of the date of application.

Before submitting the application form for the Manufacturer's Registry, a selection for the shield and the desired initials must be done. To check the availability of the desired initials and other technical information, please contact the Cyprus Assay Office. This mark is unique for every manufacturer and cannot be reissued for anyone else. 

The Terms and Criteria of the Registries  are available here.

The application forms for Manufacturers Registry and initials/shield of mark are available here.

The application form for the Jewelers Registry is available here.

 The application form for the Buyers of Second-hand articles Registry is available here.